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Fiction | Psychological Drama

The Shoelace

Amogh has lived a life of a recluse, for more than a decade now. His only reason to stay away from humanity was to avoid experiencing human emotions. For Amogh, he was above Humanity, except for one flaw. The desires of his heart. He feared them like a ghost. Life had taught him one lesson - Every time he makes a wish, a life get shattered around him. The only solution, he could think of is to stay away from all sort of human interactions. At least, that was the plan.

Poetry | Life & Death

Remnant of a Soul

Remnant of a Soul by Srivinay Salian is a collection of atypical poems about life, death, and beyond. The verses herein capture the raw unabridged musings of an inquiring mind as it reflects on the life and world around. Essentially, it is an outburst of a non-conformist soul that refuses to abide by the mundane norms of existence. It serves as a relatable detachment for those who shun the herd mentality.

Non-Fiction | Screenwriting

Self-Learner’s Guide to Screenwriting

The Self-Learner’s Guide to Screenwriting simplifies the essence of storytelling for young aspiring storytellers. The book covers the entire journey of story development, right from the birth of an idea to delivering transformational stories. The intuitive structure of the book will help writers to develop a full-length screenplay as they progress with the chapters. The book aptly clears misconceptions regarding most of the elements of storytelling. Understand how an idea differs from the premise.



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